Sarah J Provost

Owner and creator

Sarah’s Soul Candles are handcrafted in North Carolina. All Candles are created with love & light and blessed with Reiki energy to promote overall well being. Each candle scent has a vibrantly colored heart embedded under white wax. As your candle burns, you’ll see the heart appear and as the candle burns the white will blend with the heart.

The candle Journey began as a way to quiet my mind with creativity and connect with spirit as I walked down a new path in my life. Over time I realized how much I enjoyed candle making and decided to create a candle that was a little different and still of high quality. As I ventured down this new path and was learning about energy, I felt that learning Reiki would be a great benefit to me and my health. I became certified in Reiki level one and two. I bless all my candles with that energy in hopes that the peace and love I feel everyday can be shared with all those that light my soul candles.

I grew up in New England and have resided in North Carolina for the last fifteen years. I have always been a positive and optimistic person. I’m a free spirit who chooses to go with the flow. I enjoy writing, candle making and adventurous road trips. I met my husband when I was nineteen and married at age twenty three. We raised two children and when I was forty, my husband passed away. I struggled for quite some time and then finally found my light and my new normal. I now live my life full of love. Everyday I am grateful for what I have and no longer worry about what I don’t have. I practice meditation and Yoga for my overall well being. I believe in balance for body, mind and spirit. Everyday is a new adventure and I’m constantly learning new things.

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